We are excited to share with you the debut video from the L.A. indie-band Strange Phases today called “Cool.” Filled with oddly-tuned and churning guitars, locomotive-like percussion, pounding bass and slinky-lyrics sung with a hint of indifference; “Cool” brings us back to when music was a bit simpler (think mid-90’s) and rocked a bit harder. The gelid video is off the band’s debut album entitled Art Of Restart, which was released via Respectful Lust Records on 10-27-17 and is a whirlwind of respectful indie-rock we think you should check out.

“Cool” by Strange Phases was written and directed by Steven Soria and Curt Barlage. It is the first official music video for Strange Phases and the 7th music video as a collaboration between Soria and Barlage –“It gives a bit of a nod to 1990’s style indie music videos, which we were binge watching around the time the idea for the video came to fruition. I always like to go against the grain of the status quo…it just feels good and with all the super cinematic, movie-in-four-minute music videos that have been in the current popular rotation, we thought a companion piece for the music rather than the opposite would be a great way to accomplish our mission. In a sense, we want the viewer to be more of a listener and let the imagery work entirely with the song” – Curt Balage


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