Having blessed us with three cooler-than-cool, cutting-edge rap records to spin (plus the one that was reimagined with cat noises), hip-hop duo Run The Jewels have been spoiling their fans over the past few years. Now, in a bit of news that will awaken any beer lover’s taste buds, Killer Mike and El-P have announced a brand new lineup of craft beers in store for 2018 – with the newest one, the Panther Like a Panther Stout, due for release in NYC tomorrow (Feb 24th).



After the unveiling of their Stay Gold IPA last year, which was named the #1 IPA in America by Draft Magazine, their second brew is promising and well worth a taste test tomorrow. Unlike the acclaimed debut IPA, which was prepared by multiple brewers using the same recipe, this new stout will benefit from three completely different recipes crafted by their brewing partners – with Brooklyn’s Interboro producing a traditional stout, Chicago’s Pipeworks brewing a porter blended with Bourbon barrel-aged beer, and Miami’s J. Wakefield creating a coffee-infused stout, using beans from their local Panther Coffee, fittingly.

Jewel Runners and hopheads can look forward to the other unique brews they’ve got in the works for 2018, including the Legend Has It Pilsner in April and the Double Down IPA in October. Run The Jewels will even be partnering with Berlin’s BRLO craft brewery to create a CBD-infused version of the Legend Has It Pilsner. And if the dead-sexy label art looks familiar, it’s because it was conceived by iconic rock poster artist and RTJ collaborator, Jermaine Rogers. Of course, all the beer names are derived from songs from Mike and El-P’s latest album, RTJ3, which is intoxicatingly good with or without alcohol.

You can sip the Panther Like a Panther Stout at Interboro in Brooklyn upon its NYC-area release tomorrow, and follow Run The Jewels on Twitter and Instagram for more tasty updates.


Article: Olivia Isenhart



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