We are known here at Pancakes And Whiskey as indie-lovers; whether it be rock, punk, pop or rap and try our hardest to bring you the music of the people. With the premiere of “Good Problems” from the NYC experimental-pop duo, Strangers On The Internet, we bring to you a delectable electro-pop track that is airy, contagious and very danceable. With layers and layers of snappy beats, clicks and vocals that draw you in, “Good Problems,” hits all the right notes for a memorable track from New Yorkers, Lilly Wolfson and Alex Neuhausen.


“I started writing this song when I began my job at Bloomberg. The company’s headquarters is in a skyscraper in midtown Manhattan and the sixth floor has this massive atrium that’s like a glass temple with steel ribs. Skyscrapers remind me of churches, metal and glass stretching upward and so on, and I wanted the song to sound like a hymn in places, with choirs and piano and strings.” – Lilly Wolfson


Follow Strangers On The Internet on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Spotify and if you’re around on 3-17-18 go check them out at Secret Loft.

Good Problems Artwork



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