There’s something that happens when you visit California from this side of the country; whether it’s the beautiful weather, the fantastic looking people or the laid-back vibes – you end up feeling different than before you got there. And today we at P&W are excited to premiere the new video from Matt Taelor called “California,” which is a feel-good, shimmering tune that brings with it ridiculously catchy choruses that gets the head-bobbing and feet-tapping instantaneously.

Starting with jangly guitars, a fetching voice, and a drone-view of the left coast; the simple, yet fun video is a myriad of chill scenery, rehearsal and live-show footage that flows with the single effortlessly. Being that there’s approximately 11 thousand songs about California over the years, you could imagine this getting lost in the Cali shuffle, but it really is a memorable pop-song in an age of mumbling auto-tune, that we think is the perfect summer feel-good hit.


“‘California’ is an honest, joyful song that I want people to be able to sing at the top of their lungs in their cars with the volume cranked all the way up. It is about the incredible feeling I get and memories I make whenever I am out there.” – Matt Taelor


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Article: Shayne Hanley



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