If you’re looking for cool stuff to do on any given day next week, look no further than Astoria. Starting Monday (8/20), the Astoria Music Now! Between Two Bridges Festival returns to Queens, bringing 7 days of free local music to cozy, true-New York venues around the neighborhood. Presented by the good folks over at Astoria Music Collective and Astoria Music & Arts, the fest will showcase over 50 bands and musicians – from the opening party at Astoria Bier & Cheese-Ditmars to the closing party at The LetLove Inn on Sunday night (8/26). There’s even a Tom Petty tribute show planned for Sunday evening at LIC Bar. The full schedule, event details, and badass poster by street artist Hissxx can be found below.

“I think the amount of local bands and solo artists has probably doubled or tripled in the time I’ve been doing this,” said Miguel Hernandez (MEEZY), Founder of Astoria Music Collective. “Astoria has always quietly been a secluded community of artists, and musicians have somehow started gravitating here, and even more importantly, have placed importance on playing locally and building their followings here. What we hope to do is open doors for musicians who want to play locally, and also showcase the venues that allow the music community to thrive.” Hernandez added, “I love seeing these relationships build though the simplicity of just playing songs in a room. The venues are taking notice, and the bands are coming together to support one another in a way I don’t think I’ve seen before. It’s a beautiful time here in Astoria.”


Between Two Bridges Festival – poster by street artist Hissxx


Astoria Music Now! Between Two Bridges Festival 2018

Monday, August 20th 7-9pm: Opening Party

Location: Astoria Bier and Cheese – Ditmars

Performance: The Bumper Crop Boys

Event Link


Monday, August 20th 9-11pm

Location: Sweet Afton

Performance: The Deltaz

Event Link


Tuesday, August 21st 8:30-11pm

Location: The Local Bar Astoria


Norwood Band

Melissa Gordon (Melissa and the Mannequins)

JW Farrell

Sara Hurwitz

Event Link


Wednesday, August 22nd 8:30-11:30pm

Location: The LetLove Inn


Yours & Mine

Ben of Beecher’s Fault

Hannah (hannah vs. the many)

Six Missing

Event Link


Thursday, August 23rd 8:30-11:30pm

Location: The Quays Pub, Astoria NY


The Assassination Plot

The Greenstreets

Grey Scale

Event Link


Friday, August 24th 8:30pm-Midnight

Location: The Wolfhound


The Repressions

Bill Grady

Jeanne Marie Boes


Will Giam

Event Link


Saturday, August 25th Noon-11:30pm

The Bonnie Summer Music Festival

Location: The Bonnie


The Rusty Guns

The Majorleans

Bearskin Rug (Evan Watson & Brian Killeen)

Side Saddle

Annalyse & Ryan

The Matt Dickey Group

The Gotham Easy


Evening Darling

All Types of Kinds

Event Link


Sunday, August 26th 5-8pm

The Ice Plant: A Salute to Tom Petty

Location: LIC Bar (Outdoor Stage)


Erel Pilo

Julie Kathryn

Danny Cavazzi

Lizzie Edwards

Mark Goetz

Tom Shaner

Anya Aliferis

Atlanta Amado

Beckley Andrews

Greg Baldwin

Bernadette Claffey

Caitlin Benment

Craig Greenberg

Wayne Silver on guitar

Alex Kerckhoff on lead guitar

Matt Scharfglass on bass

Neil Nunziato on drums

Anthony Cekay on sax/vox

Event Link


Sunday, August 26th 8:30pm-Midnight: Closing Party

Location: The LetLove Inn


Loser Cruiser

Billy Conahan – Artist

Ellana White

Andrew Sydor

Event Link



Article: Olivia Isenhart

Poster Art: Hissxx




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