Pancakes And Whiskey is happy to premiere the new track from Sunshine Riot today entitled “Go For A Ride,” which is off their upcoming album, Lonely Hotel, due out on 9-21-18. “Go For A Ride” is a snappy and brisk-paced love tune highlighted by a strong and unique singing voice that demands your attention all while the band formulates an impressive, southern-rock tinged sound.

When you think of what Boston bands sound like, you may remember the bombastic rock of Aerosmith or the distortion-heavy stylings of Dinosaur Jr.; but in essence, Boston is a small city surrounded by even smaller towns and within those suburban-enclaves are hard-working Americans that drive pickup trucks and generally love the country. This band is the perfect sound for small town life and “Go For A Ride” is a the perfect vehicle to be taking a ride with your sweetie.


“Go for a Ride is kind of an old school love song in the midst of a record that is dominated almost exclusively by anti-love songs. One of the unique effects of America’s size, is the ‘small town’ phenomenon – that sense of isolation and yearning to escape. We wanted to write a song that ties the innocence of love, particularly love in one’s youth, with that desire to break out. Basically, we wrote a song about every John Cougar Mellencamp record ever made.” –Jonny / SSR


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