Start your Friday rocking out to the newest release from Starbenders, “21st Century Orphan” – the first single from their forthcoming album – which we’re proud to premiere on Pancakes & Whiskey today. The rising Atlanta glam rockers, who just toured with Alice In Chains and are taking off for Tokyo this month, have unveiled a track that’s not only packed with live-show adrenaline, but thought-provoking prose. Musically, it’s got it all; Emily Moon’s expressive drumming snaps right into place with Aaron Lecesne’s swift basslines, a solid foundation for gnarly guitar licks from Kriss Tokaji and lead singer Kimi Shelter. As the concoction heats up, Shelter’s delivery is both tough and vulnerable, and their sound shifts in surprising ways to highlight her electrifying words.

Vegas Giovanni Photography | 2018 | StarBenders: 21st Century Orphan


The self-described “glitter punk and roll” song is not just energizing in its sound, but in its subject matter, which Shelter described to us before its release. “There are so many Gen Y Z kids that are ‘orphaned’ because their parents have succumbed to the trappings of the 21st Century: narcissism. alcoholism, drug addiction, consumerism, faux spiritualism, social media addiction and or subscribing to the Me-centric movement,” said Shelter. “The lyrics are autobiographical, but I have come to find many others who’ve had to raise and nurture themselves since their parents were emotionally unavailable. The 21st Century Orphan is not a victim, but a modern day survivor.”

Listen to “21st Century Orphan” right here on P&W, and follow Starbenders on Facebook, Twitter, Spotify and Instagram for more news about their music. Keep an eye out for their next stop in New York, because when we caught them touring with Uni last year, they gave Brooklyn a killer show.



Article: Olivia Isenhart

Cover Image: Vegas Giovanni




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