We here at Pancakes And Whiskey are super-excited to premiere the video for “Fever” by Matt Jaffe, which is the lead single off his upcoming record, due out 11-2-18 entitled The Spirit Catches You. The video, directed by Sarah Steinhart, is a fun and whimsical romp that shows Matt’s good nature while playing toy instruments in the desert with some friends.

We’ve been digging on Matt Jaffe’s unique and sincere sound for a few years now, and with this fantastic song, we are treated to a complete and mature single from the young rocker from California. “Fever,” is a spacious and catchy song that reminds us of a time gone by, but with an unmistakable edge to it from living in the present. The lyrics that are sung with clarity and power, mesh with the rolling bass, deep percussion, dancing keys and meandering guitar to make a memorable tune that gets us chomping at the bit for the full LP which you can pre-order right now on iTunes.

“I’m proud to have finally made a record that I want to listen to.  As the songwriter and singer, I boast the least objective ears, but I still feel it’s a good sign that I keep returning to the music with joy.  I owe so much to the collaborators who elevated my songs during the sessions, and I also credit the time that elapsed between sessions, the time that distilled the frenzied output into a cohesive statement.  I’m also thrilled (a younger me would be horrified) that so many of the songs have relaxed their tempos to find a deliberate pace.  They are comfortable in themselves and exude an intentionality that I am excited to finally have on record.  We tried to architect these songs as cinematic spaces, sonic rooms that can be explored, with nooks to be discovered upon further inspection.  Such is the case with “Fever,” which reveals smatterings of Morse-Code keyboard and Secret-Agent guitar curlicued through the mix.  With “Fever” and other songs, I feel I have found a happy marriage of song-craft and style that I hadn’t known before.” – Matt Jaffe


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