This song premiere from NRVS LVRS called “Whatever & Ever” is the single greatest piece of music to be ever written or produced in the history of mankind…see how that jumps off the page and gets your attention? This is the age we live in now, where we get inundated with fake headlines, sensationalized news and the never ending hoard of social-media notifications.

The groovy and hypnotic single from the husband and wife duo from San Fransisco, is about the vicious cycle of being hard-wired, over-worked and underpaid. A bevy of spastic synths and nearly psychotic percussion starts and flows throughout the track, which is the perfect platform for the soaring, emphatic and seething vocals to perch on top of. It’s an impressive tune that has all of our favorite elements of a great, dark pop-song and look forward to more tunes from this promising group soon.


“Whatever & Ever”, the latest single from NRVS LVRS, looks at our dissatisfaction with living in a perpetual stream of apocalyptic news, unsolicited opinions, and curated personal brands. Recorded in Los Angeles with Eric Palmquist (Wavves, Night Riots), the song asks if the empty dopamine hit from each new notification is making us “dumber / or maybe just distracted” and makes the case for resignedly dancing through the end times. With synthesizers glitching & gurgling beneath him, A. Gomez’ wounded baritone invites us to consider the possibility that nobody was ever in charge & the party is winding down.” – NRVS LVRS


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Catch NRVS LVRS on tour:

03.08 – Reno, NV @ The Loving Cup
03.09 – Redding, CA @ The Dip
03.10 – Arcata, CA @ B.A.D. Collective Presents Outer Space
03.13 – Seattle, WA @ Chop Suey
03.14 – Bellingham, WA @ The Firefly Lounge w/ Lié, Glitchlette, Scum Eating
03.15 – Portland, OR @ Dan Cable Presents The Library at Growley’s Taproom
03.16 – Victoria, BC, Canada @ House Show
03.17 – Victoria, BC, Canada @ House Show
03.22 – San Francisco, CA @ Everything Elastic Presents Amnesia





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