Pancakes And Whiskey is excited to premiere the new video from Ben Eunson called “Ace Of Hearts” today. The instrumental track full of raging guitar and fast-paced drums is the first single off Ben’s upcoming, debut album entitled ACE, which is slated for an August 23rd release. “Ace Of Hearts” is a splendid fusion of prog, jazz and some blues that features Ben’s deft and brilliant guitar playing. Born in Australia and now residing in NYC, Eunson has worked with the likes of John Legend, Queen Latifah and Dave Chappelle; so is highly equipped and ready to make his own name and we think he has the stuff to go far and become a star as well.

Ben Eunson – Ace of Hearts


“I began working on some original music with bassist Alexander Claffy and drummer Kush Abadey at my Brooklyn apartment near the end of 2016, where we would experiment with combining elements of hard rock and Indie rock with elements of improvised music. After our first gig together, I wanted to write an anthemic, high-energy song that harnessed the energy of our respective strengths as musicians. The result was “Ace Of Hearts.” “Ace” refers to the three of us as musicians – it serves as an acronym derived from each of our last names. The melodic theme of the song is the “heart” of the song to me – consequently, I thought the title “Ace of Hearts” captured the feeling of the song. 

I always loved music videos from the late 70s and early 80s, where you would just see a band standing around in a studio playing their song, which would then be combined with some creative camera angles for the purpose of a video. I approached NYC-based director Steve Brickman and asked him create a modern take on this concept – something that would echo videos of that era, but capture the raw nature of this particular music at this moment in time. He came up with a dynamic, exciting video concept which perfectly captured the energy of the song.” – Ben Eunson


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