We just found the sunset boardwalk skateboarding song of your dreams – also good for slowly strutting down a beach, taking a long drag of a cigarette while looking into the distance, or laying down in a park to watch the clouds float by. Brooklyn based psychedelic pop band, Slow Riches, released their first single from their upcoming sophomore album today and it’s the grooviest song I’ve heard in a while.

“Aria” is a song of few words but is seemingly about a longing to be with someone. “I always want what I can’t have,” lead vocalist Mikey Slowey’s voice oozes into the atmosphere. The song ends with the line, “always breaks my heart,” and instantly the feeling of dizziness hits because in my mind I picture the narrator of this story slowly twirling down into darkness.

Slow Riches


Slow Riches Vol. II is set to be released in August so keep a look out if you want to hear more like “Aria.” And if you just can’t wait – Slow Riches will be playing a show tonight, 7/10, at Bunna Cafe in Bushwick and 7/30 at Krupa Grocery in South Slope.

Slow Riches Vol. 2


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Article: Merissa Blitz




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