With its sunny melody and warmly classic sound, this fresh song from The Skullers should be part of your Friday for sure. The second single from their forthcoming EP, Freight Trains & Party Games (due for release on October 18th), “She Denies Herself The Things She Loves” comes with a cool vintage-style music video that we’re excited to premiere right here on Pancakes & Whiskey today. Gritty footage of the rockabilly-inspired NJ-based trio in action is blended with the movements of graceful dancer Jessica Castiglione. And that’s a fitting choice for B-roll, because it’s a terrific song for dancing.

As it all clicks together visually, the synergy between Jack Skuller on vocals and guitar, Luigi Sardi on bass and background vocals, and drummer Brian Fahey glows from within the song’s pleasing beat. Produced by composer Don DiLego, “She Denies Herself The Things She Loves” was co-written by Skuller and art-pop singer-songwriter George Usher. Usher said in the press release, “Jack’s the real deal…sounds completely contemporary, while having the red hot blood of the original ‘50s rock and rollers coursing through his veins.” On working with Usher, Skuller said, “It’s an honor to write with George Usher, who has mastered the art of storytelling with his songs. It certainly feels like George and I are in sync, and he has a real understanding of the rock and roll I’m rooted in.”

Freight Trains & Party Games, their forthcoming EP, will also include a bonus live track featuring Jack Skuller at the Third Man Records Booth in Nashville, Tennessee performing an early version of this very song. “I couldn’t go to Nashville without stopping at the Third Man Records recording booth,” said Skuller. “To me, that booth is the ultimate expression of individuality in music – one person, one guitar, one microphone, one vinyl pressing. Plus, Neil Young made an album in there. I was grinning a bit the whole time.” Skuller – who was recognized by the Songwriters Hall of Fame five years ago, receiving the [Buddy] Holly Prize – delivers the lyrics in his authentic rock timbre in this crisp studio cut. Some of the things she loves that she denies herself, in case you were wondering pre-listen, are “the sun, the moon, and me.” Don’t deny yourself a chance to hear what these talented guys are up to.



Article: Olivia Isenhart

Cover Photo: Shayne Hanley



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