Pancakes And Whiskey is excited to premiere the new video from FOXY MOJO called “Till The Morning Light” today. The El Paso, TX based Indie-rockers are releasing their sophomore album in February of 2020 entitled REVIVAL and this no-nonsense, rocking tune leads the way for a promising album.

FOXY MOJO ‘Till The Morning Light’


Starting with thundering percussion and a biting baseline, “Till The Morning Light” wastes no time getting you amped up and when the catchy guitar-licks kicks in you have no choice, but to tap your feet with vigor. The high energy lyricism that is sung with a fervor, matches the thumping music perfectly and does not allow the listener to get bored at any moment with unnecessary synths or syrupy choruses. The video is equally as cool with a fairly simple, yet visually sharp and engaging take with the band playing hard and eventually smashing their set at the end. All in all, if this tune is any type of barometer for the new album out in February, lovers of no-frills indie-rock are going to be really pleased.


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