Pancakes And Whiskey is excited to premiere the catchy new video from Cannibal Kids called “I Keep My Eyes Closed,” which is off their forthcoming album entitled deadheads and is due out in February 2020.

The fun video directed by Danny Rosenberg, is a visually stunning, yet playful take on trying to escape memories of a toxic relationship complete with severed hands. Kicking off with a jangly guitar riff, emotive percussion and an irresistible synth-bassline, “I Keep My Eyes Closed” makes us want to dance immediately. The lyrics, which could be sad if it was a slower tempo song, are brought forth with an almost joy and gets us to listen intently. All in all, this gets us pumped for their new album, deadheads, in February.


“The music video for ‘I Keep My Eyes Closed’ plays on the main aesthetic/themes the group has been developing since their inception. Juxtaposing images of gore against vivid colors and natural elements such as plants and flowers, combining it with the message of the song. The song speaks to escaping memories of a past relationship, going as far as to keep your eyes closed when speaking to or seeing your ex, as it will cause them to relive the experiences they’ve once had. In the video the band is constantly running away from disembodied floating hands, trying to stay out of their sight and away from their grasps. The hands represent the memories of that relationship; something you can try to run away from but will always be there.” – Damian Gutierrez

Cannibal Kids


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