P&W is excited to premiere the new music video from Satin Nickel called “Call It,” which is off their forthcoming LP Shadow Of Doubt.  The artsy video is an audio-visual treat which offers the viewer an array of well thought-out and emotional scenes detailing a breakup of a relationship. While Satin Nickel’s music is deeply embedded in the Folk/Americana genre complete with mandolin and strings; there is also a touch of pop-rock that comes through with deep bass, deeply curated hooks and a catchy chorus that sticks in your head long after the song has stopped.

“A few years ago, I was in a toxic relationship with someone I was pretty addicted to. We had a lot of arguments, weeks we’d go without speaking, and not a lot of respect. I remember him, in the middle of arguments, saying that we ‘should just call it now before it gets worse.’ That saying really stuck with me. ‘Call it’ is a phrase I’d hear in reference to going home at the end of the night—something much less final. It was almost insulting, how easy that phrase made breaking up sound.  When I was healing from the relationship, I went back over that phrase and ended up writing a hook based around it. I work as a Bike Messenger in NYC, so I come up with a lot of song ideas while I’m riding around. That was one that stuck with me for a long time, and I turned it into this song.” – Samantha Aneson

Satin Nickel


The Brooklyn based band will be releasing their first full-length album this April entitled Shadow of Doubt and their next live show is at The Bowery Electric on 2-17-20 – get your tickets HERE.

Satin Nickel ‘Call It’



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Images: Milos Balac



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