“The only time I’m calm / Is when I drink till I am numb,” Kevin Daniel sings one of the opening lines to his song “Jupiter” through his southern grit. This modern take on a classic drinking song was actually inspired by a line from “The Wedding Singer.” Daniel explains that he was inspired by a moment in the movie “when someone in the film mentions that love is when you let your partner take the inside seat on a plane so they can get the view.”

Daniel brings the passion of his song out through a live recording at Degraw Sound using an RCA box mic from the 50’s – it was the first time that the studio had used that mic in one of their sessions. To make it even better, Daniel had help from an all-star cast of band members, including Anthony Krizan from Spin Doctors on electric guitar. 

Catch Kevin Daniel performing TONIGHT, 2/27, at our next showcase over at Lady Stardust (the upstairs lounge at 2A – doors at 7:30) and you may get to hear this song!


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Article: Merissa Blitz



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