When you’re stuck inside on lockdown watching repeats on TV, it’s more exciting than ever to discover hard-rocking new music. Today, the P&W team is psyched to premiere a kaleidoscopic jam by Broken Machine called “Fly Me To The Sun,” the title track to their forthcoming EP, which comes out July 10th. The song is a groovy, grungy trip that seems to nod to two of our favorite decades – the sixties and the nineties – with its sinuous melody and the power of their rhythm section. It’s fresh in its own right too; catchy and expansive in a way that would make you crank up the volume if it came on the radio. The band worked with some notable pros on the new EP; it was produced by the band and Elliott Lanam (Katy Perry), mixed by Dave Fortman (Slipknot, Evanescence), and mastered by Ted Jensen (Alter Bridge, Green Day). The press release states that Broken Machine “take pride in their ‘one take’ approach that refrains from production flattery and autotune gimmicks,” and that authenticity is certainly audible.

Broken Machine


The L.A. grunge-rockers are fronted by songwriter/vocalist/guitarist Schyler Douglas, who shared some background on the track with P&W. “‘Fly Me To The Sun’ is about the personal transformation I experienced through taking psychedelics; about getting back to the source of one’s true self and experiencing the unity of the universe in its beautiful duality. We’ve always loved old school records and push for that analogue sound and vibe. Our goal is to find that soul which occurs in older music. Everything we record in the studio is done with a live feel and no autotune. We basically leave the mistakes in! Although the band has existed for several years, our debut single ‘Fly Me To The Sun’ marks the beginning of an array of recorded works being released.  Expect new tracks from our upcoming EP in the coming weeks and months, followed by our debut album later in 2020. Check out our socials for the latest info.”

The press release also shares intimate details that add more color to the vibrant song. “The EP itself is anti-authoritarian/anti-establishment stance and in support of freedom of choice in how one lives his/her life and uses his/her body. Douglas has had a history of drug addiction in his past, and was even imprisoned for several months due to heroin use. But, after a long path of trials and tribulations, he quit heroin cold turkey after a heavy dose of mushrooms. He firmly believes that ‘Psychedelics are a path to healing and the government is well aware of the effect they have on people’s minds and the expansion and awareness they bring, so of course they’re made illegal.’”

You can follow Broken Machine on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more updates about their music. “Fly Me To The Sun” hits streaming platforms this Friday, and the full EP will be released on July 10th. Enjoy the new song right here and prepare to let your mind drift away. “Listen to Fly Me To The Sun” on SPOTIFY


Article: Olivia Isenhart



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