We are excited to premiere the fun and colorful video from Trace Of Lime called “Creature Of Habit” today at P&W. The Austin based indie-rock band, known for their catchy licks, memorable lyrics and hi-octane live shows; bring us a zany video for their newest single that is rife with dazzling colors, comedy and a ska-esque hook that makes us want to dance. Directed by Dusana Risovic and Jordan Karam, the video shows the band (except Jordan) in different colored Zentai suits whirling around while changing the atmosphere and providing Jordan with drinks and smokes. Not often we get a whacky and well thought out video that perfectly meshes with the original song and that makes this one of the year’s best tracks.

We really look forward to a full album out later this year and will be following along closely to this rising band. Until then check out their 16 track masterpiece, The Unforgettable Tales of an Insignificant Life’ that was released in 2018, over at Spotify.

Image: Dusana Risovic


“The Creature of Habit cannot accept the nature of existence: all that lives, must die. This natural enemy of progress let’s his comforts define him; raging against the change as his fragile world inevitably collapses beneath his feet. In a world changing too quickly to find solace, you better get with it or get out of the way.” – Jordan Karam


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