We’re happy to premiere the breezy new single from Ellen Krauss called “Bali” today at P&W. Hailing from Sweden, Ellen is a 19 year old, self-taught musician who released her debut EP late last year to critical acclaim. While most of us are still on some version of a lockdown here in the states, we can only dream about getting away to an island paradise with our significant other, so “Bali” is a great song to listen to while dreaming of greener pastures.

The song starts with light synths and syncopated percussion that creates a vast dreamy effect; and when the soaring vocals hit, we have no choice but to nod our heads in approval. When the chorus breaks, the music becomes more full and with a wall of lush sounds behind her, Ellen’s vocals rise above it all, showing the power of her vocal range. If you’re digging this track, then you’re in luck as Ellen has another EP coming at us later in summer and “Bali” is on it, so visit Ellen Krauss’ socials below for details on new music and tour dates.

Ellen Krauss


Speaking about the song, Ellen says: “(Uncontrollable attraction, Quarantine, Corona, Dream away , travelling – Bali).

“This song is about a steamy date. Simple as that. The girl I wrote it about had planned a trip to Bali.

“Maybe this song will play a different role now than when I wrote it, because of Corona. People now have to fantasise about a hot vacation instead of actually going places. But that can be fun too.”



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