We are excited to premiere the new track from Vagabond Specter called “Saturdast” today at Pancakes And Whiskey. Hailing out of the U.K., Vagabond Specter is a dreamy mix of alternative and indie-rock and with their new LP, BiPolar, they’ve really hit their stride. If you’re a fan of Radiohead, The National or Wolf Parade, we highly suggest you check the LP out ASAP.

Vagabond Specter – BiPolar


The colorful and emotive animated-video for “Saturdast” is the perfect accompaniment for the lush track that is full of other-worldly synths, explosive percussion, and gritty guitar that lays a foundation for the breathy and peppy lyrics to be flung about. The juxtaposition between the seemingly happy melody and the unsure and almost depressing lyrics is really magical – and the video expresses that with motion and repetition.

Vagabond Specter



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