If there’s anything consistent about the unpredictable Gizzverse, it’s the band’s ability to please. King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard are clearly aware of their fans’ urges to meme the heck out of everything they do. Their unabashed silliness in today’s new video is a clever way to bring extra attention to another key message from the prolific group. Newly-released single/video “Straws In The Wind” sneaks thought-provoking lines like “The affluent with a bad omen hanging / Monstrosity scarce breaking freedom / Shrewd and not in the mood to disillude / We are the pillars of a forgotten pier” into a smile-triggering burst of lo-fi, homemade trash tornado footage. It’s the boys’ lips vs. a leaf blower (truly) amid a Plastic Boogie of a cyclone that sends litter flying in every direction.


“Amby and Stu collab on the tune and Jase is back on the tools for the video,” the band stated upon its release. “Damn this was fun to make! We shot trash around the room with a leaf blower and pretended that we were in a trash tornado. What has the world come to… P.s. 1 hour early hahahahaha Xoxox.” Jase, a.k.a. longtime King Gizzard artist Jason Galea, filmed, edited and directed this screenshot-able gem, which also credits “additional filming, wardrobe and direction” to Ambrose Kenny-Smith. Amby steals the spotlight and covers lead vocals – with delightful expressions behind way-too-cool aviators – as KGATLW make another much-needed environmental statement.

The third single from their upcoming 2020 album, this fresh treat follows the satisfyingly trippy “Some of Us” and soothing, Stu-focused “Honey.” Ultra-observant listeners have already caught that “Straws In The Wind” flows right into “Some of Us,” theorizing that another connected, Nonagon Infinity-style record might be in store. We’re psyched to see what comes next and can’t get enough of this pure Gizzard-y magic in the meantime.


Article: Olivia Isenhart

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