Added Color, one of NYC’s finest and relevant bands are back with a rad new video called “Something Better,” which is off their fiery new EP that was released last week entitled If You Had It All.

“Something Better” has everything we need in a rocking tune: a melodious and addicting chorus, thick guitars (including a Tom Morello-esque solo), locomotive-like bass/percussion and intense lyrics that are timely and hit close to home. The video, directed by Nick Pisciotta, is a fun and visually stunning masterpiece that was seemingly filmed in an abandoned and sweltering swimming pool.


“We are all tired of witnessing how much our society is designed for failure. The free world is a corporate prostitute that thrives off the back of the oppressed. We are slowly losing our individuality, future, and ability to dream. Unfortunately it took a pandemic to make the world pay attention to the societal diseases that plague our revered Western Society. It is time to make a change. Something better starts with you.” – Added Color

Added Color


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