Humans are not meant to be put in isolation – no being is – especially for extended periods of time. But this is the reality that the pandemic has created for many. Today Rodes Rollins released a duet version of her song “Isolation” featuring HNRY FLWR and the feels are real.

In the peak of quarantine, as she resided in her parents’ basement in Colorado, Rodes Rollins wrote a song detailing the struggles of isolation. She shared this untitled demo to her Instagram page, a vulnerable act that is something she hadn’t done before. After receiving praise from her filmmaker friend who was inspired by the demo, Rollins knew she had to create a finished version of the song. She released the full song, now titled, “Isolation,” this past August to a well received audience who could relate to the feelings of loneliness. 

This song is not only about what Rollins explains as “our most solitary moments,” but also “some of our most connected.” The line, “someone is watching us grow” is repeated throughout the song and listening to it, two meanings come to mind for me. One – even though we might be lonely right now, there is someone out there who is thinking of you and wishing you were together. Two – this time of loneliness has created a space for each of us to think about what we really want in life and grow into person who is more aware of their desires. 

For this new, stripped down version, Rollins brought in HNRY FLWR to duet with her and magic was created. The lower-toned crooner style vocals of HNRY FLWR add a thick, hypnotic layer of sound to the song as Rollins’ crisp, melodic vocals float on top. Even though their voices sound so different, somehow they meld together to create a harmonious representation of the emotional toll of loneliness.  

Not only did this new duet version of “Isolation” come out today, but a video accompanied the release. This video was shot at a theater in Troy, NY. It has a vintage glamour vibe paired with dark shadows and muted colors that give the song a feeling of warmth that I already heard in the lyrics and music but that was brought to the forefront in the video. 

Now if you’ll excuse me, I think I’m going to go take a walk through Greenwood Cemetery in Brooklyn listening to this song on repeat.


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Article: Merissa Blitz



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