We are pumped to premiere the new video today from Chris Mardini called “Throw,” which is off his recently released EP entitled Out Of Pocket. Born and raised here in the West Village, NYC; Chris Mardini brings a gritty and refreshing honesty into his seemingly genre-less music and with “Throw,” he shows us his love of 90’s grunge and hip-hop.

The simple, yet captivating video (directed by Shantie Midnight), was shot in B&W and begins simply with a delicate piano line while Chris comes out of the smoky shadows. The piano is soon replaced by raging guitar, intricate and varying percussion/bass, swaying synths and an increasingly angsty Mardini singing his lines. At the midway point of “Throw,” it all breaks again and a bruised and bleeding Mardini throws down a slick verse of rap that is aggressive, sharp and socially-relevant. The song ends in the same way it started and is when we really appreciate the total production quality by Marc Swersky and company. It’s been a bit since we were so high on a young and promising local artist, so we’ll make sure to keep tabs on him in the coming months.

Chris Mardini


“Throw is about right and wrong and the frustration of deciphering the subjective things about society. With everything being so politicized nowadays, it’s hard to have your own opinions. The over politicization subtracts from actually trying to solve any problems and in turn just adds another problem. Everyone just wants to be as virtuous as possible. The video is really abstract and is a representation of the chaos and polarization of society. I really love the way it turned out! I’ll be releasing a lot of new music soon. I have a special release coming up on NYE. It’s a cover of one of my favorite Buckley songs. After that I have another group of songs coming out in February. Can’t wait to share with you guys!” – Chris Mardini


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Photo Credit: @grifflotz



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