We are excited to premiere the new single from Brooklyn’s SleapingDreaming today called “Sojourners Truth,” which is off their upcoming album entitled M. Inclemens. Without any actual lyrics until the last minute, “Sojourners Truth,” is seemingly the soundtrack for the fucked up year that was 2020. The single is ripe with droning guitars, stoney bass and eclectic percussion that creates a dark and stormy atmosphere that we can dive into without any preconceived notion. Be sure to keep your eyes on this promising post-rock/shoegaze outfit, as they don’t follow the standard and the music they create is highly layered, but with a true musicians touch that makes it more enjoyable than the average “shoegaze” band.


“The track is loosely based on the life of Sojourner Truth (Isabella Baumfree), a slave that became a powerful force in the abolitionist movement pre-civil war. She was born and raised in an area upstate NY common to one of our band members and so it sparked a personal interest.”  – SleapingDreaming



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