Today is a good day for a rocking premiere called “Devil’s Angel” by L.A. based, alternative band, Soundhoose. The anthemic and blistering single is off the bands’ upcoming album entitled Quarantine Psycho which is due out this April.


“Devil’s Angel” starts (and ends) most excellently with a simple drum, hand-claps, distorted guitar and low-end bass; then Brandon Smith, AKA Mr Bad Luck, unleashes his fiery and urgent verses on top of it and the result is a foot-tapping, anthemic-rocker that has us singing the chorus by the end of the track. What is impressive, is that Mr Bad Luck has his fingerprints all over this song and forthcoming album as he wrote, recorded, produced and mixed the whole thing himself. We really look forward to hearing the whole album in April and if “Devil’s Angel” is this good, we can’t wait for the rest of Quarantine Psycho.

Mr Bad Guy – by Richard Luu


“‘Devil’s Angel’ is about the stage after a break up where in the mental purgatory constantly thinking about the other person even when they’re not around anymore. They were a huge part of your life and now they’re haunting you. They still have a hold of you mentally, emotionally, and sometimes physically. The process is torture and you’ve gotten to the point where you’re fed up with being a slave or captive to the situation and you’re finally saying, “fuck this, I’ve had enough. I’m taking control of my situation”. It’s a toxic environment, you’re rising above it all and won’t settle for being tortured anymore and you’ll fight back, rather than succumb to the mental games and questioning what you could’ve done differently, are you going to get back together, are they with someone else, and all the other unhealthy questions that you literally have no control over.”


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