Singer/songwriter, Francisco Martin, hailing from San Francisco brings us a gorgeous love song and video called “Wild Girl,” which in this instance, is being performed acoustically. The former American Idol contestant who placed in the top 5, is now really making his own way now with a few excellent singles.

“Wild Girl,” while fairly simple musically, really hits home with honest lyrics and Francisco’s raspy, yet powerful and distinctive voice. The video is straightforward and stuns in B&W, that features Martin singing his heart out while a young lady seemingly ignores him as she’s getting ready to leave. The imagery really hits home when paired with the heart-felt lyrics, and shows us what a bright future that Francisco Martin has.

“Wild Girl” was written about seeing a beautiful woman in a relationship that isn’t really good for her, knowing she deserves better and wanting to help her see that. No one in life should ever settle for less. My hope is that the song helps all women, all people, feel empowered and maybe gives someone the confidence to put themselves first.” -Francisco Martin

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