Today Steele FC releases “Cherry” – the first single off his upcoming debut EP, Here Comes (Steele FC). This seemingly upbeat musical beauty, produced by Drew Vandenberg (Toro y Moi, Faye Webster, Stella Donnelly) and engineered by Jacob Faber (Sunflower Bean), features the French vocal stylings of Soko. 

Imagine you’re the main character of a movie in a montage of existential crisis, having a cigarette on the fire escape at twilight, walking your dog in the morning rain, driving on a highway framed with trees, alone with your thoughts – the soundtrack of said montage is “Cherry.” 

“Cherry” is a reflection of the “warm melancholy surrounding loss” and the “monotony of lonesome living habits” hidden under sunny guitar riffs and the dreamy vocals of Steele FC and Soko. “Cherry” follows Steele FC’s summer 2020 release, “Save Room,” featuring similar groovy daydream vibes that slow the mind down to a contemplative state. It’s music that makes you think hard and relax hard at the same time and we kind of love it. 

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Cover Image: Jess Farran

Article: Merissa Blitz


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