We are excited to premiere the lyric video from Tock today called “Shut My Mouth.” Tock consists of an unlikely duo in Joel Tock and Steve Laxton, and the music they create is a gorgeous mix of alt-pop that is exciting and fresh. In this lyric-video we get a look at their gorgeous studio, dubbed “Smash Ranch” in the woods of Wisconsin and a glimpse of how they recorded this gem.

“Shut My Mouth” features a bevy of harmonies, 12 string guitar, banjo, gentle percussion and timely lyrics that really bring it all home. What really shines in “Shut My Mouth” is they way Joel presents his thoughtful lyrics with a warm, yet strong singing voice that makes us want to sing along. We appreciate the use of the upright bass, which brings a deep and foreboding warmth to the tune, and you’d think that Joel is a master bass-man, but you’d be wrong as he learned the instrument from scratch, on the fly for this song (wow).



“Our studio (SMASH Ranch) is exceptionally warm and inviting, inside and out, and it’s where all the ideas for this project come together. Aside from the outdoor feel around the studio that we’ve captured in a few of our videos so far, we feel it’s also important to give viewers a virtual gaze into what our process looks and feels like on a more intimate level. It might already be clear to some that we’re very fortunate to be so comfortable while we work, but while we do our best not to take that for granted, this lyric video seemed like a perfect way to share the positive vibes.” – Joel



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