Following “Cabin Fever,” the addictive garage recording that Reignwolf brought us last year, we’ve only had a few glimpses of Jordan Cook’s pure-rock brilliance. We got the ThrashNdash version filmed at his Saskatoon elementary school; two extemporaneous scorchers known as Afflatus and Afflatus 2 (livestreamed); and his lovely take on “Jealous Guy” for John Lennon’s birthday. Fans can’t get enough from Reignwolf, so we’re thrilled about the music video that came out today – accompanying one of Hear Me Out’s finest moments, “Keeper.”


After the big loving response to debut LP Hear Me Out (a must-have record available here), you could tell that more was coming, and a stunner like “Keeper” couldn’t be left behind. While it’s one of the most celebrated songs within the wölfpäck, it’s never been a single, so some rock lovers may just now be discovering its timeless groove. This intriguingly murky video shows Cook sauntering around a desert landscape, interacting beautifully with Shann Bailee, falling flat on his back in the sand, and rocking with bassist S.J. Kardash and drummer Joseph Braley. Directed by Ryan Whitehead and Stephen Hunt, its kaleidoscopic vibe and swirling fisheye shots hold your gaze and match the song’s enveloping energy. And there’s another surprise in store: this video comes with an extended guitar-powered outro (not heard on the record) that feels like lightning striking.

“To me, it’s whatever you want it to be, but it felt really true for me. It’s one of the closest things to me. I find that there are songs where you can actually feel when I’m saying something, versus just doing it to say something,” Cook said about “Keeper” during our first interview. He also hinted at a connection between “Fools Gold” and the “Keeper” line, “Your light, blinding me like a goldmine, unfound,” in our Jones Beach interview, when Reignwolf opened for The Who. If today’s treat increases your cravings for a live Reignwolf experience, you might enjoy reading about one of their longest shows ever (and their most recent in-person performance). Subscribe to Reignwolf on YouTube to avoid missing premieres like this repeat-worthy “Keeper” video.


Article: Olivia Isenhart


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