After a seven-year hiatus, Indie Rock/electronic artist out of LA Friend Slash Lover, just dropped an ultra-catchy and relevant song called “The Memory Hole,” which we’re proud to premiere today.

The Memory Hole – artwork


With a relentless bass-line, magical synths, tight percussion and lyrics that weave and flow, “The Memory Hole” brings us down a meandering path which we can dance on all while realizing that too much information can be troublesome for mental health. Most songs you can dance to, don’t usually have such a heady subject-matter and with lines like; “A sea of bad information sparked your imagination, and everything you used to know has gone right down the memory hole,” makes this single stand out so much (that and the amazing synth solo).


If you’re as excited as we are about this tune, then you’re in luck as Friend Slash Lover will be releasing an EP later in the year entitled Mugged On Memory Lane, so check back for more info.



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