Spray Allen just released their ridiculously-catchy debut single/video called “Stay Clean” and we are instantly enamored and intrigued with this “supergroup” of sorts. Featuring Eric Wilson on bass (Sublime), Wade Youman on drums (Unwritten Law), Daniel Lonner with the vocals (Late Night Episode), and Eric Sherman on guitar (Late Night Episode); Spray Allen brings a definitive 90’s vibe to the party that’s mixed with a 2021 attitude, and we’re all in.

art by Elliot Erwitt


The hilarious video for “Stay Clean” follows the devil while stealing trikes from little kids, smashing pies in faces and generally, well, being the devil. The music constantly sways with beach-y bass and percussion while rhythmic guitar flows in and out of the spaces all while Lonner’s vocals soar with a jazz lounge flair. Being this is their first offering to the world, we couldn’t be more impressed and cannot wait for their upcoming, self-titled, 26 track, double album to come out at a date tbd.


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