We love how a crisp lyric video can shed more light on well-chosen words. That’s true for the gem from Matt Jaffe that we’re pumped to premiere on P&W today. Check out this collage-style music video for Jaffe’s latest single, “Shape of Fear,” an upbeat rock tune about a conversely difficult topic. The San Francisco-based singer-songwriter shines with his vintage-sounding vocals on the uplifting track. Even in the studio, he sings his heart out like he’s center stage in a full arena. His words come together as bits of torn paper and photos in this eye-catching video animated by Seg Design.

The resilient image of a person forging ahead toward the horizon is a fine fit for the subject matter. “Without me realizing it, fear has become a theme in my songs,” Jaffe explained. “Specifically, fear of something unknown. I developed epilepsy in 2015, and the risk of seizures has developed into a shadowy menace, striking without warning or pattern. They are constantly looming but rarely visible. A phantom threat.”

You’d never guess this ever-present risk if you’ve witnessed Jaffe’s cool stage presence, so it’s an interesting peek into his daily life. The unique way he describes epilepsy has the power to make one understand the condition in a new way. “There’s a camera that don’t have a shutter / With a lens that was taught not to blink. / It can sense all the signs of collusion / And the words that you’re too scared to think.”

Follow Matt Jaffe on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Spotify for more updates about his creative music. Jaffe is headed our way for some live shows later this year – at Daryl’s House (Pawling, NY) on November 2nd and City Winery (NYC) on November 6th.


Article: Olivia Isenhart



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