Elroy will be releasing his self-titled debut album on August 13th. In preparation of that we have just been giving the lead single off said album with an accompanying video called “Excite Me Much” and if this song is any indication of the rest of the record, then yes, excite me more. 

Elroy is the youngest son of Neil Finn who was the mastermind behind Crowed House, and was also in Split Enz with his brother Tim. If having a father and uncle who write great pop songs is hereditary, I say that all fans of great music have incredible things to look forward for. 

The single is now currently available through all the streaming usual suspects. I’m presuming that they will be a physical copy for older curmudgeons like myself. Either way, I am certainly circling the 13th of August on my calendar. Yes, I still use a wall calendar. Please see former sentence. 

The video for the song is Elroy just standing in darken room, very casually strumming a guitar under a soft lit spotlight, that while on him, keeps him mostly in the dark. The video is as atmospheric as the song. The two works together perfectly.

About thirty-two seconds in the vocals begin, and Elroy never raises his voice, but sings in haunting whisper. A little more than halfway in Elroy becomes drenched in mostly soft white lasers that do not overpower the video or song but gives it a cool nighttime vibe. There is something beautiful at the shear starkness of the video and even when the colors flash toward the end, and it does seem jarring, the aura stays true to, what I’m guessing is the intent of Elroy and director Jon Baxter.  

Then just like that the song is over like a breeze that whips through just as a summers heat is so strong that you feel as though you won’t make it to the end of the day. 

Refreshing, chilled out, and leaves you wanting more.

I have one complaint…the song at 2:17 is too short!


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Article: Carmine Basilicata



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