We are super excited to premiere the new track from Phillip-Michael Scales called “Another Man’s Sin” today here at P&W. “Another Man’s Sin” is from Scales’ upcoming LP entitled Sinner-Songwriter, which is due out on 10-29-21 via Dixie Frog Records. “Dive Bar Soul” is how Scales’ describes his music and this track perfectly embodies that statement; rocking music that has heart and soul, but feels very accessible for any music fan to appreciate.

Starting with Phillip-Michael’s soaring voice and a simple guitar chord, the song makes us listen intently and when the undeniable hook kicks in, we can imagine ourselves at a dark and dusty bar whilst sipping whiskey and stomping about. What stands out for us in this single and the album as a whole, is the honesty of the lyrics and the vivid storytelling, quite likely a trait he learned from his legendary uncle B.B. King.

Phillip-Michael – @bryanhiglesias


“‘Another Man’s Sin’ is a romper about losing your innocence in relationships after getting burned the first time. This is one of my favorite tunes off the record. Most people have pivotal moments that inform how we act in the relationships that follow (for better or worse). “Another Man’s Sin” is about the bad cycle of passing on the hurt because we’ve been hurt.” – Phillip-Michael Scales



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