Deerhunter at Webster Hall 9.19.13

What can I say about Bradford Cox?  He’s weird, awkward, lanky, and likes to cross dress.  Oh yeah, he’s also a genius.

Born with a rare disease, Marfan Syndrome he is unable to build mass, and is noticeably lanky.  After years of not fitting in he focused all his time on music and formed Deerhunter in 2001.

Last night we had the privilege of seeing Bradford with his band Deerhunter at Webster Hall.  Sporting a dress and wig we were blown away!  If you have not seen these guys live, Go!

deerhunter 6

A fan threw his Drivers License on stage and Bradford read out his name and made some jokes


The Awesome bartender Margo

IMG_1041 IMG_1047 IMG_1083 IMG_1096 IMG_1098 IMG_1116 deerhunter 4 IMG_1122 IMG_1139 IMG_1154 IMG_1163 IMG_1172

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