Hank and Cupcakes at The Cameo Gallery 9.18.13

Brooklyn-based Hank & Cupcakes are the coalescence of rock without guitars and pop without synthesizers. Hailing from Tel Aviv, the duo consist of powerhouse vocalist/drummer Cupcakes and bassist/pedal board magician Hank. Named in reference to Charles “Hank” Bukowski and one of his real-life lovers “Cupcakes,”

Coming to the end of their massive U.S. tour they played a homecoming show at the Cameo Gallery in Brooklyn on the 18th.  The energy was high, the music spot on, and the duo were on their “A” game.  If you were lucky enough to be there, you even got to see Cupcakes stage dive.

Take a look at the amazing photos Shayne Hanley took for us.

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  • Reply September 21, 2013

    cat patat

    shayne always takes THE BEST photos! great job my friend.

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