Artist Spotlight: Steel Phantoms

Brooklyn duo Steel Phantoms wrapped up 2013 with the release of their ironically titled EP Curtain Call and a January 11th show at Cameo Gallery performing along side Gross Ghost and Schooer . Reviving their indie-punk sound in their latest album, Aaron Harris and Jesse Newkirk of Steel Phantoms highlight their ability to mix surf rock tinged guitar riffs with a sound reminiscent of ’70’s garage punk. If you’re a fan of The Strokes or Vampire Weekend, Steel Phantoms will hit the spot.

The title track “Curtain Call” is catchy at face value, with its rolling percussion and clean guitar riffs courtesy of Newkirk. But it really wins you over with the break mid-song that switches up the tempo from high energy indie rock to a slow, brooding melody by way of Newkirk’s command over the guitar set against Harris’ dreamy vocals. Just as quickly as it slows it down, the track recovers its quick beat by way of Harris’ tight percussion.

With such lush sound throughout every song they produce, some might be surprised to know Steel Phantom is a two-some; guitarist Jesse Newkirk shredding every chance he gets and drummer/vocalist Aaron Harris contributing high energy percussion set against his melancholy lyrics. Another solid track off Curtain Call, “We Can’t Fail” features Newkirk and Harris at their best with a rippling, rock-abilly guitar dancing around vocals that are pensive yet punk.

You can catch Steel Phantoms at their next show February 18th at Pianos.

Article by Yasmin Martinez

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