Whiskey Session: DWNTWN – Til Tomorrow

With a freshly released self-titled EP, L.A. based dreamy electro-pop band DWNTWN packed their bags and headed to New York City to play back-to-back shows at Santos Party House and Glasslands. It’s been two years since their last show in NY and their return was highly anticipated. They’re a little older and a little wiser but more than anything, they’ve come back with five new songs they’re proud to share with the world.

Before being whisked off to meetings and interviews, they sat down in Thomas Paine Park and performed an acoustic version of their song “Til Tomorrow” for us, the rain tapering off and the sun shining as they started to play. Mother Nature could’ve been on our side but it easily could’ve been their California vibes and charming presence. Either way, it was exactly what New York needed on that dreary day.

Article by Megan Do

Filmed by Gabello Studios 


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