Mogwai hit terminal 5 with supporting act Majeure on 5/9/14.

Majeure is A.E Paterra, drummer for the band Zombi, who armed himself with an assortment of synthesizers and mixers to create a dreamy landscape of songs reminiscent of an obscure eighties movie soundtrack. The short set had the early arriving crowd transfixed.

Mogwai ambled on stage shortly after nine and wasted no time delving into their deep catalogue of guitar driven tunes including “Auto Rock” and “Hunted By a Freak”. The Scottish group is well known for their incredible musicianship and varied styles with little to no vocals, letting the intricate pieces speak for themselves. Some of the more slower songs are almost hypnotizing in nature and found many with closed eyes and heads swaying to the music. As soon as you thought it was cool to think of soft kittens and hazy sunsets, Mogwai pulled off metal type tunes that made you want to head-bang and jump around. After nearly two hours of non-stop jamming, the younger crowd left more than satisfied and buzzing from what was a memorable night.

Article and photos by Shayne Hanley


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