Artist Spotlight: Rocket & The Ghost

Anyone who has experienced the Polar Vortex can agree that this has been a very rough winter upon us. But here we have a band whose thriving bass, booming drums, and fuzzy, wailing electric guitars have us reminiscing about the warm weather approaching.

Rocket & The Ghost bring us a refreshing blend of 60s-70s rock and 1920s Americana, and I absolutely enjoy every second of it. This incredible quintet came together after the lead singer, Kiyoshi Matsuyama, parted ways with his former band, The London Souls. After teaming up with Lily Claire (Lily & The Parlour Tricks) for song writing, he gathered a new band and the five created exciting chemistry. Kiyoshi’s beautiful dynamic range and the musical arrangements, carefully constructed by the band; their modern twist to 1920s Americana and their rock n’ roll grit make the perfect combination to tell fascinating stories about life.

Their latest EP is the perfect introduction to who Rocket & The Ghost are. Each song continuously gives me a reason to yearn for more. Check them out this Thursday, February 27, 2014 at the Gramercy Theatre.You sure don’t want to miss this!

Rocket & the Ghost will also be headlining our showcase at Cameo Gallery March 22nd with supporting acts Seasick Mama, Pol The Fisherman, and Everest Cale.

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Article by Maria Mora

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