Augustines and My Goodness Played the Sold Out Bowery Ballroom

On the verge of something huge, Augustines came back to their home venue for one special night.  With the help of Seattle-based rock band My Goodness, the two sold out the legendary venue and rocked my face off so hard I’ll be talking about this show for years.

Before the show started, both Billy (Augustines) and Joel (My Goodness) sat down with Pancakes and Whiskey for an intimate interview and acoustic session.  Thus, being the founding artists of the soon-to-be world famous “Whiskey Sessions.” Tune in later this week for the final pieces!

My Goodness, who have probably been compared to the Black Keys brought so much energy and fun to the stage, they made a new fan out of me.  Touring the US with Augustines, this is their very first tour.  Joel and Andy, both clad in leather jackets brought their Pacific Northwest flair to the Lower East Side. Joel’s smooth voice makes their hard rock sound a little softer and could make a walrus purr.

Augustines took the stage with drinks in hand to an already amped crowd thanks to My Goodness. Standing front row, with some obsessed fans, I’m surprised the panties didn’t start flying.  Billy’s charisma combined with the truly talented band, these guys are definitely the band to watch in 2014.  Playing some old and some new, the combination of whiskey, indie rock, and girls, made for one incredible night!

Just take a look at these photos taken by the very talented Shayne Hanley:

Article by Jonathan Miller

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My Goodness:

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