Artist Spotlight: Animal Years

Animal Years, a local Brooklyn-based rock band that blends clean vocals with indie-roots guitars is a band that you must check out if you haven’t already. The core of the band is based around heartfelt songwriting and guitar sounds that carry perfect amount of crunch that rings rather than rattles.

Sounding very much like a cleaner version of Kings of Leon mixed with the jangling folk vibes of Mumford and Sons, Animal Years bring guitar music fans a healthy mix of singer/songwriter lyrics with new-age alternative rock. Lead by singer/rhythm guitarist Mike McFadden, this five piece group puts a dance in your step and a beat in your heart with potential hit singles off their debut album Sun Will Rise, with the songs ‘Let Go of Your Head’, ‘Rapture’, and ‘Sun Will Rise’. The steady rock flow of the album is balanced perfectly with haunting ballads in ‘Poor Boy’ and ‘Worried Minds’. From the first song to the last, your ears will be warmly rocked to their core and taken on a ride that only this up and coming band can take you on.

Animal Years is the brainchild of McFadden, who threw the name onto the band to move away from the singer/songwriter label placed on him when he started performing in NYC following the move from Baltimore in 2012. If you give the album a listen today you’ll still have plenty of time to add them to your spring/summer playlists where they belong! So what are you waiting for?

Article by Tom Shackelford

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