Pool Cosby Plays Pianos

So you feel like hitting the city and dancing? Make sure Pool Cosby isn’t playing a gig first because they will make your regular DJ look like a kid with some pots and pans on the floor. Pool Cosby is a different animal than your regular hip-hop, EDM, mashup group for a few reasons, the biggest being the strings added by Violinist Kevin Kuh and Kristine Kruta on the cello, that added with Nacor Zuluaga Morelo pounding on the drums and maestro Joseph Caravalho on the digital, give Pool Cosby a sound like no other.

Here at Pancakes and Whiskey we were lucky enough to be part of the Pool Cosby listening party a few weeks ago at a downtown recording studio where the new tracks were played in their entirety. It was an eye opening experience to hear how the whole thing was recorded and put together. Situated in the control room of the studio we were treated to mashups involving Sigur Ros, Marvin Gaye, Frank Ocean and many others, the smooth beats had all in attendance bobbing their heads in approval.

Flip forward a few weeks and Pool Cosby hit the Pianos stage to perform the new material to a packed house.

As soon as the beats started the dance party was in full affect. I was unsure on how the things I heard in the studio would be translated live but the group effortlessly performed them with vigor.

Be sure to listen to Pool Cosby’s new joint here; http://poolcosby.bandcamp.com/ and check them out at their next show, April 4th at Cameo Gallery.

Article and photos by Shayne Hanley

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