Whiskey Session: Everest Cale – Pretty

What do you get when you mix a little Southern twang with Brooklyn subculture? Two words: Everest Cale. ‘Who are they?’ You ask. Originally from Charleston, South Carolina, Everest Cale began performing cover songs at a local bar in Charleston. It wasn’t till audience members began requesting more of their original music in a Williamsburg show that the band decided to make the move to Brooklyn.

Finding self-satisfaction and happiness throughout their career paths has meant avoiding cover songs by any means. But doing just that seemed inevitable. The band revisited and oldie but goodie, ‘Mother’ by John Lennon. Nailing all of the chords and the vocal composition, the band decided to perform the song in front of their listeners. Brett Treacy’s heartfelt lyrics, fainted voice, and the right amount of ringing in your ear will have you crawling back.

Article by Maria Mora

Shot by Gabello Studios

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