Artist Spotlight: Stargazy

“In the dawning of the hour, it’s the hands we put together, they’re warm.” Introducing the romantic first line of the anticipated new single from elusive (you can not find much information online about them) Brooklynites, Stargazy. ”Golden Hour” is the title and it was released recently onto SoundCloud,  iTunes, and their website. Stargazy’s new song “Golden Hour” initial buildup is reminiscent of eighties new wave Tears for Fears with a bit of Brit Rock Kaiser Chiefs in the echoed melodies and multiple harmonies. The soft lyrics which emanate from the lead vocalist’s heart and onto vinyl foreverness are infused with youthful vitality and the essence of the  throws of unattained love.

Stargazy has a similar harmony to the melancholy vocals featured in My Morning Jacket and Beach House, giving the International Indie Post Emo Romantist crowd a new band to download. The eclectic sounds of Stargazy has much to do with the bands own personal tastes. As music listeners, Stargazy is all over the map. While one of the band members is keen to World Music (and all music before 1981) , another member  is religiously into supporting the Internet  scene. The one who most likely writes all of the  lyrics still enjoys Emo and the last band member listens to Solid Gold Soul.  As musicians and songwriters they must work through the differences in taste and preference to meet at common ground.  The result is their latest efforts. As quoted from the band:

“We are long time friends.  This helps our process.  Normally we yell at each other and rip into the core of each others’ souls until decisions are made.  No hard feelings.  We enjoy a good cheap High Life and a laugh and move on to the next day. We come from simple places; Pierre, South Dakota and Holbrook, New York.  Holbrook”s town selling point is “A beautiful place to live and work” and we agree.  Our favorite Brooklyn places are Gordon Bennett, La Superior, La Goulette and Lucky Dog.  We really wanted to have an album release show at La Goulette, which is a Tunisian falafel joint.  They weren’t into it, but that’s okay.  We still order “The Shalafel” at least once a week. We are simply inspired by life. Lyrics lately have been written by Romano.  This year has been extremely reflective and he is keenly aware that things are constantly changing and they will continue to do so.  This is particularly why the lyrics have been more general and sweeping.  What is “The Fashion” as of now will not be in fashion in the very near future. Still we are all completely helpless to trends and tides.”

Other tidbits of juicy Stargazy information: Stargazy loves a good YouTube viewing loop and they are really excited for this year’s World Cup. Two of StarGazy’s members share the same birthday and one member of Stargazy hates the Beatles (I bet its the one who still listens to Emo.)  Only 1 member of Stargazy actually likes the Rolling Stones. Only 1 member doesn’t get mistaken for any other Stargazy member (elusive, I tell you!). Spirit animals include a sloth, sparrow, buffalo, white buffalo, hound dog, and squirrel.

If you want to learn more about Stargazy come check them out at their show at Rough Trade on the 16th of May at 8pm.

Article by Marissa Mireles

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