Folding Legs Video Premiere: Glorious

Alternative art-rock band Folding Legs have a new music video out. It is premiering exclusively via Pancakes & Whiskey, gives music lovers a thrilling visual to go along with their new single, ‘Glorious’. The video, directed by Lee Peterkin, finds the group in a familiar Brooklyn setting with a wild west-like high noon showdown. The New York based guitar band has proven to their fans once again, that simplistic thematic elements, and a little bit of attitude goes a long way.

Well known around the New York music scene for incorporating their own unique style of performance art into their live show, the four-piece band is no stranger to creating a one-of-a-kind performance to go along with their equally skillfully crafted musical ability. In this case, it was in the form of video that gives audiences something to put their eyes and imaginations in sync with what their ears are taking in.

The song has a great hit single vibe with a signature sound and a hauntingly chant-like chorus. Take note that Folding Legs are one of the best up and coming alternative indie-rock quartets in the city. As a matter of fact they’ll be strutting their stuff opening for Stargazy at Rough Trade in Brooklyn on Friday. Vegas odds say they’ll be performing this new single. While most music videos seemed to have faded away along with Carson Daly’s career, there are still some artists who still attain artistic creativity to dish out great representation of their music. Folding Legs are no exception. One could conclude that this music video is rather, glorious.

Article by Tom Shackelford

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