The Bots hit the Baby’s All Right Stage with supporting act Jordan Bratton for an electric night of youthful music.

Jordan Bratton is a young man but provided some old soul R&B to start the evening. He was backed by a DJ and a bass/keyboard player who provided depth, funk and fun. Bratton is a natural on stage and made sure to make eye contact with every person in the room while sauntering around with gentle gestures and smiles. His strong voice and talented keyboard playing easily won over the crowd. Despite some sound issues it was a treat to watch something a bit different from the norm in Brooklyn.

The Bots followed with a varied set of garage/punk rock at a frenzied pace and again proved they are a force to be reckoned with. Brothers Mikaiah and Anaiah Lei are two young cats but years of touring, playing festivals have seasoned them into a tight and supersonic machine.

Mikaiah, the older of the two was a blur on-stage often spinning, jumping, and swinging his guitar around all while hammering out punk/hard rock chords and singing without missing a beat. Percussionist Anaiah provided some incredible rhythms on the kit ranging from thrash to tribal grooves and was a sight to see hammering away while paying close attention to his brother.

It’s easy to pool bands in certain categories and the punk theme is certainly strong with these two but do not be fooled because there is so much more to their already deep catalogue such as surf rock and space rock. If they keep evolving, the sky is the limit for these young and hard working men.

Article by Shayne Hanley

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