Toronto trio Absolutely Free debuted the bright, lighthearted single Beneath The Air over the summer and they’ve recently released the video for the single as well. Beneath The Air has a feeling of lightness throughout the song, and the video matches the sound well. The electronics and drum rhythms coupled with almost wispy vocals sound like a dreamy, summer day.

Opening with a woman dancing by herself outside a palm, face, and foot reading shop, the video starts out with a spiritual vibe. It’s trippy, psychedelic factor increases from there with an entirely animated video by Toronto artist “Jesi The Elder”. In the animation, flowers bloom before your eyes and angels fly from the pupils of townspeople. All the while those people are in a constant state of morphing into other objects and scenery.

Your eyes almost can’t keep up with the transformations the artist creates using something as simple as what looks like paint. The song peaks as acharacter pulls open his blinds to view the sun shining over him and the rest of the town. The tranquil yet active vibe of the video syncs perfectly with the song.

Absolutely Free was formed from their original project, DD/MM/YYYY, a cult art-punk band. Matt King is on drums and vocals, Moshe Rozenberg on synths and drums, and Mike Claxton on bass and synths. Absolutely Free’s debut LP, Absolutely Free, will be released on October 14th with Lefse Records. Check out the tracklisting for the album below.


1. Window of Time

2. Beneath The Air

3. Striped Light

4. Burred Lens

5. Earth II

6. My Dim Age

7. Visions

8. Spiral Jetty

Article by: Ashley Rodriguez

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