New York has always been a city rich with singer-songwriters from the folk era in Greenwich Village to more modern venues like The Living Room or The Bitter End. In recent years however Rockwood has become more of a staple of LES venues to host some of the cities finest singer-songwriters to perform. The trio known as Bay Uno made their mark with a short but powerful performance downstairs on the Rockwood 3 stage on Tuesday, making for a moving and simply entertaining evening.

“We’re on Facebook… Twitter.. and um all that other good social media stuff! Don’t worry I’m not going to try to convince you guys to get on your phones and ‘Like’ us, cause I already did that at the last show.” Frontman/guitarist Bay said giving the audience a good laugh early on in his set. A fun, yet subtle and quiet performer, his style of showmanship was entertaining from beginning to end. On the night that the group’s new single, ‘River’, was released, Bay also showcased other singles including ‘Catalina’, ‘Don’t Come Around Here’, and the incredibly well written ‘Wait For Your Love’.

Each song melodically tells a story of hope and longing, desire and love. It was Bay’s spirit and emotion put into the performance of each song that makes him so authentic and a true storyteller. It’s bands like Bay Uno that keep that vintage NYC singer-songwriter sprit thriving in an era where hipster rock overpopulates and pollutes the once subtle, artistic scene.

Article by: Tom Shackleford

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